Will ‘The Closer’ Finally Clinch A Championship?

They say third time’s the charm, but that has proven wrong for Kevin Harvick. The past few seasons, he has been there at the end, showing strength and promise. Yet, The Closer cannot seal the deal on winning a Sprint Cup Championship. Will the trophy finally find its way into Harvick’s hands?

The stars seem to be aligning for the occasion. Him and wife DeLana sold Kevin Harvick Incorporated, a team that fielded machines in the Truck and Nationwide Series, he received a new crew chief in Shane Wilson, and the couple is expecting their first child in July. The puzzle is falling into place personally, but can that make Happy Harvick truly, well, happy?

When I see Kevin racing, Dale Earnhardt Sr. immediately comes to mind. Not because he was succeeded by the then-young driver after his death, but because his racing style lives on. There is no doubt Harvick is an aggressive driver. He is one of NASCAR’s bad boys, yet he is nothing like The Intimidator that came before him. However, I see a lot of Dale in Harvick, including his ‘All-Or-Nothing’ attitude. With that ability in you, it seems like you should be a shoe-in for a Sprint Cup.

But, why can’t he do it? He needs to grow up.

Now that he is going to be a father, Harvick needs to kick himself into shape, and that can help him with his on-track performance. That sounds backwards, but it isn’t; having a child changes your entire life, and you can’t take good care of a baby when you’re jumping out of cars and beating on Kyle Busch because of on-track tension. Given, the feud entertained us all, but how did that aid his championship chances? With Shane Wilson on top his pit box, it is the perfect chance for Harvick to make professional and personal changes. Starting over now will give him time to go through some growing pains, which will open up the rest of the season for an undeniably strong run for the title.

Going from doggies to diapers, Kevin Harvick is in for a year he’ll never forget. Prediction? He shines in The Chase, yet finishes second. Maybe 2013 will be his year, but I don’t see his success truly happening overnight. Yet, there is no doubt he is one of the strongest, and he will finally secure a Sprint Cup Championship when the time is right.


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