Introducing a New Segment: Questions for Kristen!

I am introducing a new segment to the blog called Questions For Kristen. As the name suggests, all you have to do is ask me your NASCAR questions, and I’ll respond! If you’re on Twitter, use the hashtag #QuestionsForKristen, or just ask in the comment section on here! On to the inquires!

What is your favorite track? -@VTDebi88

Charlotte Motor Speedway has to be at the top of my list. I always look forward to both races there because I know it will be a good show; it’s the center of the NASCAR world, and many drivers want to win there. Even with multiple grooves, nobody can get away from each other. That ensures sparks and rubbing tires.

The track that’s a very close second is Darlington; that’s the place that gets my adrenaline going. It has a weird shape-an elongated egg, sort of- that makes turns one and two tighter than three and four. It was never mean to be so fast, but that can’t be stopped. I definitely think Darlington deserves another race date, which they had but it was taken away, because The Lady in Black is always Too Tough To Tame. (Pardon the pun; it was too hard to resist.)

Who is your least favorite NASCAR Sprint Cup driver? –@Nascar_Jason_

AJ Allmendinger just grinds my gears. I don’t say that because he’s a bad driver; he’s had some good races lately, and there’s no doubt he’ll get his first win shortly. It’s his personality that bugs me. There’s a fine line between confidence and cockiness, and he is on the cocky side. Every time he finds a camera, he’s combing his hair and saying he’s pretty. People like that, in general, bother me, and he’s no exception.

When do you think Kasey [Kahne] will get his first win this year, and who do you think will get Hendrick’s 200th win? -@KaitlynKait

The strand of bad luck Kahne has experienced let many down, since they expected him to come out with guns blazing. The last two races have been kind for him, and I believe the monkey is off his back. He has fast cars. He’s a proven winner with the potential to be a champion. I predict he wins at either Darlington, where he’s won in Trucks, or Charlotte, where he’s won at multiple times.

As for the 200th win for Hendrick Motorsports, I think it will be achieved at Talladega by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Junior is hot right now, and he has an arrogant swagger. He’s found his love for racing again. He’ll break his winless streak, as a gift to himself, his fans, and Mr. Hendrick.

What does NASCAR have to do to fill the stands? -@gatrfedcmbread

The economy is to blame for poorly-filled stands. People are cutting back, and splurging on race tickets is the first to go. Combat that with gas prices and hotel rates, it’s a deadly combination. I don’t see why the tracks can make deals with hotels in the area to cut their prices. Then again, I think that gas needs to be $2.00. I’ve never been to a race, but the experience has to be incredible. To have gas stations and hotels ruin that for a race fan is criminal.

Do you think Kurt B. has been able to prove his ‘attitude change’ yet, and will he ever be successful again? -@sixpack52_11

Kurt Busch had on a happy face for a while, but that disappeared when ‘fun’ was taken out of the equation. That means he started to wreck and have issues with his #51 team. So, no, Kurt is still the same old Radio Sweetheart we have grown accustom to hearing.

I think his time may have passed. With all the young talent coming up, like Austin and Ty Dillon, Trevor Bayne, and Chase Elliott, James Finch will most likely think over his decision of choosing Busch, even though he says he’ll stick with the driver. You have to go with the driver that is more marketable, and Kurt isn’t that as of now.


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