#QforK: Ricky Bobby, sarcasm, and Danica!

Here is this week’s installment of Questions for Kristen, which Ricky Bobby, sarcasm, and, of course, Danica! Danica, Danica, Danica!

Excuse me for that little lapse. I’ll try to contain myself as I answer your questions.

As always, I thank everyone for their submissions! I enjoy answering each and every one of you!

If you were a driver or owner, what number, sponsor, colors would your car be? -@Nascar_Jason_

First off, I would be a driver; for the longest time, I wanted to drive Sprints. Dad didn’t endorse that idea, so I went with writing. The number wouldn’t really matter to me, as long as I had a ride, but I like the number 40 for some odd reason. My sponsor would be Hawaiian Punch; that stuff is crack for me. Every since I was a kid, I drank it as if it was water. Then, the colors would be blue and red to go with the product.

If you got to interview Brian France, what would you ask him? -@scottaltimaman

Just the thought of conducting that interview is mind-blowing, but I hope to do it one day.

What a tough question, I must say. If I ever got to interview Brian France . . .

A few things I would ask: Is NASCAR being policed too strictly? What are your thoughts on female drivers coming through the ranks? Did you realize that ‘Boys have at it’ was too dangerous, or is there another reason it isn’t endorsed as much? Who do you think is the standard in today’s competition?

What did you think of Kurt Busch’s Ricky Bobby paint scheme, and do you think someone else could’ve pulled it off? And I know you refrained for this when it happened, but what is your take on the Hornish/Patrick thing? -@KaitlynKait

“I wanna go fast!” You don’t know how many times I said that Sunday during the race. Talladega Nights is one of my favorite movies, and it was cool to see the ‘ME’ car actually on the track. We must thank Kurt’s girlfriend, Patricia, for making it happen. It was especially funny to hear Kurt recite lines from the movie on the radio. Maybe they should script his lines more often.

If anyone else could pull it off, it would’ve been Brad Keselowski. The guy has a great sense of humor, and he’d carry the charade over onto Twitter, most likely. But, Kurt was perfect. You know, until he hit the wall.

The Hornish/Patrick issue: I had to bite my tongue pretty hard after that happened. We had just seen Eric McClure wreck, and, then, Patrick knocks Sam into the wall on the last lap. So, I immediately blamed her. I looked back at the clip and realized Hornish hit her first. Danica just retaliated. Many were upset with her, but it was just a racing deal. Now, should she be sent to the NASCAR hauler first thing at Darlington? No. It was her first offense. Besides, if they don’t bring her to The Hauler right after the event, why wait a week? I hope she survives her bout in The Cave of Crushed Dreams, and maybe NASCAR will just slap her on the wrist.

What do you think about Tony’s post race . . . Aaaaaah . . . “comments”? -@Halebent

If you haven’t seen Tony’s post-Talladega interview, look it up. My sides hurt so much afterwards. The summary? With the most serious face, Tony stated he loved wrecking cars, losing money,  and he suggested splitting the field and sending them in opposite directions. Since it is what the fans want.

A lot of people wondered if NASCAR would fine Mr. Stewart, but I just shook my head; it’s classic Tony. He was obviously upset; he had a great car but was caught up in someone else’s mess. There was no way the media wouldn’t hear about his displeasure, but the way he did it was pure gold. Some people don’t appreciate sarcasm (like my Danica spasm at the beginning of this article). Conclusion: it’s just Tony.


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