Keselowski, Unfiltered and Relatable

Last night was the first race of All-Star week, the NCWTS race, where rough racing and cautions played major parts in how it turned out. On the final restart with five to go, Brad Keselowski was ready to pounce. His truck was fast, the high side was his best friend, and it was his chance to capture his first win in the Trucks Series. Unfortunately, that didn’t get to be because of a bump from Ron Hornaday Jr,, a veteran driver who says he received a push from behind that caused a chain reaction. Keselowski ended up second, still charging as the final flag flew.

Afterwards, Hornaday came up to Keselowski to discuss the situation, and Brad gave him an earful of swear words, caught uncensored by the SPEED crew.

As soon as I heard Brad, I shook my head and laughed. “Oh, Brad.”

If you follow the Cup driver/Truck owner on Twitter, you understand when I say that this is typical Keselowski behavior, saying what’s on his mind. But he hit it on the head, which he does quite often, and he did it with class.

His post-race tweet stated, “ . . . sorry TV aired some choice words, NOT sorry I said them.”

I’m glad he didn’t apologize. It’s refreshing to see someone back themselves up and not be sorry for their opinion. Everything is blurry nowadays, what’s acceptable and what isn’t, so drivers are usually extra careful with post-race interviews and saying what they really think. Keselowski is an exception.

The Truck incident made me realize how much us race fans can relate. He is one of the more open drivers out there, with his Twitter addiction and consumption of his sponsor. I find it hard to dislike him; he always make me laugh, and whatever he says comes straight from my thoughts. Brad’s a normal guy with loud opinions and a wild side. He just happens to be famous.

NASCAR and Twitter are now teaming up, and the deal cites Brad’s Daytona 500 tweet as a key factor. He is helping our sport merge with the mainstream culture. Keselowski represents the current generation of NASCAR fans perfectly. We are Twitter-obsessed, stubborn, honest, and hilarious, everything Brad brings to the table. Who else would tweet a photo of a burning jet dryer from his racecar? I don’t know about you, but that’s something I would’ve done.

Whether he realizes it or not, Brad is the one driver we can look to for the truth, minus the PR filter. We thank him for that.


2 thoughts on “Keselowski, Unfiltered and Relatable”

  1. Right on I’ve watched NASCAR followed drivers and tracks since the beach races. I’ve liked Brad since he came on the scene cool kid I expect to see him a cup champion reasonably soon. He’s a kid any parent would be proud of his own man as much as that’s possible now a days.

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