It’s Time For Change, Kurt Busch

“Come one, come all to the Southern 500! Where there will be sparks, rough racing, and Round Two of Busch vs. Harvick! Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!!!!!”

Ever since Darlington last year, the track has been preaching that, trying to drum up business. It fell flat when Harvick stated he wanted nothing to do with it, though. It’s obviously referring to Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick’s dust-up on pit road, where Busch turned the #29 into the wall on pit road when Harvick attempted to get in his window.

Even if the two weren’t game, a Busch still made waves last Saturday night during the historic Southern 500. Want to take a guess at who it was?

It started when Kurt blew a tire and smacked the wall. He began to shout that NASCAR needed to throw the caution, and, then, the car spun out. Ryan Newman received slight damage during this, and Kurt went into the inside wall. When Newman and Busch went down pit road, both were trying to beat the pace car to stay on the lead lap. However, when Kurt gunned it out of his stall, crew members of the #39 team were almost hit, apparently. Afterwards, the gas man Ryan Newman’s team got into it with Busch, screaming and shouting. The gas man was fined for roughing up an Official in the process.

Fast-forward to this past Tuesday, where I’m watching Race Hub. Since Kurt was livid on the radio, we get an edition of Kurt Busch: Radio Sweetheart, which is entertaining yet disappointing. Why highlight someone’s toughest moments? I didn’t support it, but I usually got a good laugh. The audio was laced with censorship. Every other word was literally bleeped out. Even I was blushing, and, if you know me, I’m not that bashful. Besides, if you make Jimmy Spencer speechless, it has to be pretty bad.

The line that struck me the most was, “Every (bleep)-ing week! I hate my (bleep)-ing job!”

When Busch was ‘released’ from Penske during the off-season, we all felt like saying, “No way!” and “I saw that coming!” in the same sentence. His outbursts and foul language were most likely the reason, and I saw it as the end for his career. Then, James Finch came in and gave him a chance. Now he’s saying he hates his job. He’s lucky he wasn’t shunned by the sport altogether. People are saying he deserves to race, being a past champion and all.

Here’s the truth: the sport doesn’t need Kurt. I hope he understands this; I don’t like seeing people getting kicked out of rides for whatever reason. But I feel that his firing is inevitable if he continues down this path of self-destruction. There is so much talent coming through the ranks that Finch can find a driver that will actually be proud to drive his cars. Young guns like Ryan Blaney, Trevor Bayne, Ricky Stenhouse Jr.? They would do amazing in the Hendrick-based equipment Busch hated to run. I’ll tell you right now, if Kurt Busch doesn’t get his act together, he’s done. His anger issues are a black-eye to him, his driving ability, and those who have hired him. This is unacceptable. Does he realize how close he was to falling off the face of the NASCAR universe? You’d think he would be thankful to actual have a ride, at least.

Kurt, go see your therapist again. Go workout. Take up knitting, I don’t care: Get rid of your excess anger and save yourself before it’s too late. If not, you’ll find yourself with nowhere to go.


11 thoughts on “It’s Time For Change, Kurt Busch”

  1. As someone who’s been a Kurt Busch fan for years, it’s hard to watch him self-destruct. Seems he constantly crosses the line between being passionate and being out of control. Agree with you, hope he finds some way of saving himself and realizes this could be his last chance.

  2. Kurt Busch has had 1 to many chances. He was so lucky James Finch picked him up this year, and yet he bad mouths him, his team, other drivers and anyone else he feels bothers him. He does not deserve to have a ride, there are to many other young and eager drivers out there who would appreciate what James Finch could provide them. To me there is a difference between being passionate and yes sometimes angry about what is happening during a race. We want to see that passion, but Kurt goes into a blind rage. He is going to seriously hurt or kill someone one of these days because he cannot control his anger.

  3. I doubt the writer, whose name doesn’t appear on this article, has ever strapped into a cup car and tried to manage theirself for 3/4 hours, which which takes away their reason to seem like an authority on Kurt Busch. The writer never once tells the numerous incidents when other drivers have had their comments bleeped out of public airways. How about Bower, Truex, Harvick, Biffle and a couple of the Hendricks team? The writer concedes that in the heat of racing, Kurt tried to stay on the lead lap. What does he/she think trying for a good finish is all about? That was the heat of the battle. Bodily harm intended for the 39 crew members? I don’t think so. The common thing, which dozens of writer use it, “Kurt, go see your therapist.” The writer should consider deeper learning of many situations in NA$CAR before claiming expertise on a situation, perhaps writing school.

    1. Indeed, many other drivers are very vocal on the radio, but Kurt is more common, more profanity-laced. It’s obvious that he has anger issues that shouldn’t be taken out on his team. As the writer of this article, I stand by my opinion.

  4. Others run him a close second in being profane I don’t believe there is a record kept on who is more profanity-laced. That is a weak point as far as your statement that Kurt should see a therapist. Have you interviewed his team? If not, another mote point.
    I stand by my opinios also, especially when people don’t have all the facts.

    1. I realize this is ‘Ex post facto’ by some time, but the fact remains, Kurt Busch threatened this reporter. That’s stupid He’s on probation, what has his reflection on his actions at Darlington taught him? And what “facts”are missing? Kurt Busch in June 2012, is not Kurt Busch of 2004.

  5. I thought you hit the nail on the head with this. Kurt is obviously on a path of self destruction and, in my opinion, is to far gone the point of no return!!

  6. Cynics would just say,Kurt is trying to take some of Kyle’s heat, perhaps to take advantage of it. Or, Kurt is not stable enough to stay with any team today. If he continues down this path he’ll follow Jeremy Mayfield out of NASCAR. Now, I realize that’s an extreme statment, but consider his actions since probation, while I sympathize with his reaction to reporter Bob Pockrass’ question, for gods sake, don’t say you’ll kick his a–.
    It’s just possible he should not be driving for his brother, I’m sorry but I don’t think Kurt will ever be as talented as his younger brother, and it may weigh on him,if so that’s sad. After the next counsrling session with Mike Helton in the trailer will determine where his head is,on his latest outburst, I hope it sticks. DMC

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