#QforK: All-Star race, Jeff Gordon’s luck, and pancakes

This week’s edition of Questions for Kristen is here! Let me tackle the All-Star race, Jeff Gordon’s luck, and pancakes!

Do you think Mr. Jeff Gordon will get his miserable (to be nice) luck out of the way and, if so, when? -@folzybear16

This is an issue that puzzles me. Jeff Gordon is, no doubt, a future Hall of Fame inductee. A sudden streak of bad luck has plagued him, though. It’s hard to see him struggle, but he isn’t bitter about it. If you watch the post-race interviews, you’ll notice he just says it’s bad luck.

Everyone gets a black cloud over their heads, like Kasey Kahne did earlier this season. I can’t tell you when it will stop, but Jeff’s luck will come around.

How to fix the All-Star race? -@ourpoppy

The All-Star race has been changed a lot over the years, but there are still flaws. We saw them Saturday night; Jimmie Johnson winning the first segment, hanging back, and then being placed to the front and getting the win.

I think NASCAR should make the final stop require a four-tire change and extend the last segment to 25 laps. That should solve some issues.

Who do you like better? Kyle or Kurt? -@Nascar_Jason_

No contest: Kyle Busch. The guy may not be that likable, but he’s too talented to ignore.

Who was your first favorite NASCAR driver? -@BKmillertime2

When I first got into NASCAR, I listened to my dad to learn. Trying to be like him, I cheered for his favorite driver, Jeff Gordon. Of course, I still cheer for him, but he’s not my favorite.

Since 2008, my favorite has been Kasey Kahne. I was only twelve, but I was amazed by his ability to run the high line so well. He has the mindset of a future champion, and he will get there one day.

As a girl, how do you feel about all the overexposure of Princess Sparkle Pony? -@jesse6524

For those who don’t know, Princess Sparkle Pony is what I call Danica Patrick on Twitter during the races. I don’t mean any harm by it; it’s just funny to shout at the TV sometimes. Besides, it’s catchy.

Patrick is subject to a lot of spotlight, which I think is dangerous to her image, as I have written about before. Just because she is a woman doesn’t make her special. I get that it’s historical, and I’m proud to have a female racecar driver out there, but do we need to talk about her when she’s running four laps down? Nope.

It especially hurts with the sexually-charged Go Daddy ads. We get it, she’s pretty, thirty, and ‘marketable.’ What about the other women coming through the ranks, like Jennifer Jo Cobb, the Cope twins, and Johanna Long? Are they expected to sashay around on TV, wearing nothing? I don’t like that it may force other female drivers to go to that level just to be noticed. But, since I’m a girl, it doesn’t appeal to me as it does to male fans. Men make up a chunk of the NASCAR fandom, so I guess that means sexy commercials and Princess Sparkle Pony stay.

If you were a driver’s wife, what do you think your routine would be for a race weekend? -@KaitlynKait

Three words: chocolate chip pancakes.

I can make some pretty good chocolate chip pancakes, so I would make those every morning before a race, with some bacon. Who doesn’t love bacon, right?

After breakfast, I’d give him a pep talk to get his confidence up. Then I’d hold a Twitter chat because I’m addicted.

Other than that, I’d just pray he would be safe. The rest is really out of my hands, right?


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