Cup Regulars Should Stay Out of Nationwide

Memorial Day weekend is a big event for NASCAR; along with the special paint schemes and pre-race ceremonies, the drivers get to sleep in their own beds. Charlotte Motor Speedway is home for many racers and their teams’ shops. They get to honor our military men and women, and we get to watch some good racing.

Saturday afternoon, however, wasn’t a success. Although I didn’t get to watch the Nationwide race, I know that Brad Keselowski won and four of the top five finishers were Sprint Cup regulars. The other driver, Elliott Sadler in fifth, is an ex-Sprint Cup competitor.

No offense to Brad or any of the other guys, but why are you even running?

Frankly, the Big Boys being in the NNS and Trucks races is annoying. It ruins the entire race for me. The two lower levels of NASCAR are meant to help young talent grow into better drivers. Sprint Cup drivers raining on their parade isn’t helping at all. Some of you think it is needed to draw attention to the smaller series, but that’s not how I see it. Most of the time, the NNS races are more exciting than the big feature on Sunday, so are the Truck races. Watching guys crash and burn, yet knowing they could be the next Earnhardt? I like that. It gives me the feeling that I’m witnessing history in the making.

There are situations I understand, like the Keselowski/Parker Kligerman and Kasey Kahne/Brad Sweet deals, where the Cup guys are gradually letting them in and showing them the ropes. Being a mentor is a way to help the youngsters.

There is another reason the Cup guys should stay away; if they overexert themselves, there is no way they will win a Sprint Cup championship.

Carl Edwards, for example, proves my theory: running NNS one day and Sprint the next wears you out. Flying from Road America to Sonoma is tiring. Stretching himself too thin is a reason Edwards didn’t win a championship, I believe. You have to focus and give all your dedication to The Chase and championship if you want to claim that top prize. Kyle Busch and Brad Keselowski run well and are talented, but racing an extra race puts them at a disadvantage.

Maybe they want the money, or maybe they just love to race, but seeing Cup regulars dominate lower series is boring. I want to get them out of there ASAP and watch the kids learn on their own. Where’s the fun in watching a race when you can almost bet on who’s going to take the checkered?


6 thoughts on “Cup Regulars Should Stay Out of Nationwide”

  1. So how much better is Edwards doing this year by not running Nationwide? Kyle Busch’s team is a small budget startup operation that runs on a wing and a prayer. It’s cool to see how they run close to the front on what they have. And who wants to watch a bunch of Travis Pastrana’s spin out every few laps?

  2. Back in the days of Late Model Sportsman races, it was fun watching the likes of Earnhardt, Waltrip, etc battle Ingram, Gant, Lindley, etc. The difference was that they were in equal cars instead of todays version where the Cup drivers are driving for teams with superior equipment. That was enjoyable racing………………….

  3. No they shouldn’t. Analogies to stick and ball sports do not apply here. That the Cup drivers do not earn points unless they declare should be motivation enough for the AAA series to put on a show. The better upcoming hot shoes admit they learn by following the Cup drivers and emulating their moves. I, for one, will watch a Nationwide event where there are numerous Cup drivers sdimply because the competition is better. Stenhouse won Iowa. Only Cup driver was Kurt Busch, if memory serves.

    Was that an interesting event?

    Don’t even get me started on the Camping World Wreck, I mean Truck series. Should be called the Yahoo series…

  4. As far as I know, NASCAR 2005, 2006, 07, 08, and 09 do that, but I\’ve only played those, and Thunder 2002, which doesn\’t do that. Also, you don\’t alyaws start in the Truck series. If you don\’t do the qualifiers, you start in the whelen modified series and work your way up into the trucks and then further, but the qualifiers can put you in a higher series

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