The Song of a Legend

What does it take to become a legend? Strength? Determination? The regulations are quite blurry. Find the clarity, adjust.

How does a song become an everlasting impression?

Talent. Flow. A singer’s vocals backed by the strings and percussion, making it a completed masterpiece. That recollection that burns deep and strong in that place called your Soul.

It makes you breathe. Inhale. Fires are lit inside your mindset. Hungry flames take the moment and flash it across your brain. Smolder. Smoke rises, soon turning into a faint scent from a point in time. Exhale.

One doesn’t know if they’ll be remembered as a legend. All they can do is draw a line and walk it. Whether they make the line full of curves is up to them. The drummer’s beat with no rhythmic reasoning.


People don’t remember those who went through the motions with no passion or desire, rode around with nothing to prove. History books talk about ones who brought the fire, opened minds and hearts. Ones who rose bars and broke streaks. Changing the way fans viewed the sport and, more importantly, their own lives.

However, it takes more than standing out. Skills need perfected. Their confidence is sturdy. Of course, the equipment counts, too. To me, the driver’s essence is what ties the entire package together. The way they present themselves to the media, fans, other competitors. How they use their car to get what they want. Emotion, when used the correct way, can make a career, whether your guitar or racecar is the medium.

Legends are sometimes people, but they can also be stories passed from generation to generation. Their struggles and career twilights inspire us, place the pictures in our heads. Songs are soundtracks to those movies you can’t stop playing on the back of your eyelids.

Music means a lot to me. As I’m sitting here, I have Jamey Johnson crooning about olden, black-and-white photographs in my ear. His voice is a raspy, pure, enchanting me with every word. Recalling a story of him asking his grandfather about pictures, it’s an eye-opener.

Every time I write, a country song is going on about either heartbreak or summer love, losing someone or having a great time. Words are so powerful, whether they are written to music, or if they are written themselves by events. I can talk about songs forever.

Anything with the right lyrics, perfect voice, and a guitar is my cup of tea.

NASCAR is my cup of tea.

The greatest songs go on forever, and the best stories of legends are never forgotten.

Always memorable, always making you breathe.


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