Tuesday is Judgment Day for Busch

After the race at Pocono, we crowned winner Joey Logano, quieting some noise from those who thought he wasn’t fit for the Cup series. However, one question still hangs in the air, one that may be resolved this Tuesday.

The Kurt Busch saga is a train wreck none of us can stop watching. Once we think it’s lost momentum, something happens to cause more damage. This race wasn’t as exciting, though; Busch was suspended from all NASCAR sanctioned events this weekend, which restrained him from running in Pocono. David Reutimann filled his spot and garnered a 21st-place finish.

James Finch, the owner of Busch’s #51, stated after the suspension that Tuesday was when him and the controversial driver would “sit down and have a Come-To-Jesus talk.” That day is almost here, and some are wondering if there is a future for the elder Busch.

I’m not sure why there is much speculation about what Finch should do. If I were him, Kurt would’ve been gone a while ago.

If you are unfamiliar with the story, Kurt Busch has been known as the Radio Sweetheart for his constant shouting during races and his temper. Last weekend at Dover, he threatened a reporter after the Nationwide race and received a suspension. One of his famous outbursts happened last year at Homestead, where he berated an interviewer and was caught on camera.

There is no doubt he has an issue, something personal, that he needs to deal with, but it has gone too far. Finch has to let Kurt go. The deal between the owner and driver was a handshake one, no contracts involved.

“I hired him for his foot, not his mouth,” is what Finch first stated when the two came together. Well, it seems like enough is enough, not just for the team owner, but the crew, too. Many pit road members have stated how they’re tired of the constant shouting and attacks to the organization. For a tiny team like Finch’s, keeping the workers they have is very crucial.

There are many drivers that could be seated into the #51 after this year, where that Handshake deal is up. But, after Tuesday, will it be open earlier than planned?


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