Rolling with the Changes, Mark Martin Style

First off, I wanted to thank everyone who enjoyed my interview with Emma Blaney. It was the craziest thing I’ve done so far, especially for something so out of the blue. Honestly, I didn’t think I was ready to interview somebody, but I did it! Sitting down, thinking up the questions, trying to not tweet about it. Not as perfect as it looks. So, that was a huge step for me personally. I didn’t expect myself to do that.

One thing lead to another, like dominos in a row. It lead me to the actual point of this article: my next interview. So fast, right? Trust me, I didn’t expect it either. But, you gotta take chances, and, sometimes, they work out.

Mark Martin didn’t drive this weekend, but he’s easily a future Hall of Famer. With 40 wins, 443 top tens, and 54 poles, there is no way I thought he’d answer my questions. But, Sunday, he did. Easily the coolest moment of my life.

Running a part time schedule with Michael Waltrip Racing, Mark Martin adapted quickly. “It’s not that difficult really. I have worked with lots of new people over the years,” he told me via email. “Just work hard and pay close attention.” ‘Lots of new people’ is his way of saying he has shifted teams about four times in his career. But, once again, he’s staying competitive in the #55, even if it’s on a partial deal.

He has been around a while, and I mean that in the best way; at 53, Martin has seen NASCAR morph over the years, added details, aspects being removed. He isn’t afraid of adjustments, though. “[There are] lots of changes but that’s how it is. You can only survive in this sport if you adapt to the changes.” One thing has stumped this driver, however: the aggressive racing. “The toughest part now is the competition is so close, and the double file restarts are pretty hairy.”

One thing I thought about after Michigan was the tire situation and the speeds, and how, in pre race, Mark looked very worried. “I was not too worried about the speed but was worried about the tires for sure. [I am] glad they held up.” Just watching over the sport, as usual, and it’s always a good thing.

With the changes he’s been through, Martin has adapted to, not only new teams, but the younger generation. He is enjoying Twitter and working out in his down time, and it’s no secret he likes to blast some rap music from time to time. So, I wasn’t surprised at the answer when I wondered what his favorite street ride was. “I have a Lexus ISF. It is a pretty cool car.”

He’s rolling with the changes, and I can relate.


3 thoughts on “Rolling with the Changes, Mark Martin Style”

  1. Wow little girl, what a coup, to interview Mark, to be in position to quote him directly is just awesome. Even though I don’t know you personally I am proud of You and when it’s your turn to be interviewed on RaceHub I’ll be able to say Kristen retweeted me a lot when she was a kid LOL

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