Timeline of AJ Allmendinger’s Rollercoaster Month

This last month has been a whirlwind for AJ Allmendinger, former driver of the #22 for Penske Racing. I have been waiting for the final results to come in to state my opinions, since I don’t want to mess anything up, but I will first recap this whole dilemma.

June 29th: Allmendinger is contacted by NASCAR after Kentucky as the subject of a random drug test.

July 7th: AJ was notified of the result that afternoon. At 6:00 p.m., before the Daytona night race, it is announced by NASCAR the sample given after Kentucky tested positive. Allmendinger was temporarily suspended. He was required to request the ‘B’ sample to be tested within 72 hours. (Let it be known that the ‘B’ sample was from the same test AJ failed previously.) Sam Hornish Jr. was called to replace Allmendinger in the #22 that night.

(The ‘B’ sample test was requested soon after it is revealed the first test was positive for a stimulant. Sam Hornish Jr. continues to fill the #22.)

July 17th: The date of July 24th was selected to test the ‘B’ sample. It was also made known that Allmendinger’s independent toxicologist would be present during the testing.

July 22nd: Rumor comes out that Allmendinger made arrangements for rehabilitation.

July 24th: The ‘B’ sample was tested, and, past 8:30 that night, it was revealed that the ‘B’ sample also tested positive. The test failed within ‘nanograms’ of the accepted tolerance. This leaves AJ indefinitely suspended. Sam Hornish Jr. will be the driver in the #22 for Indianapolis and Pocono. Allmendinger has also hired an independent lab to test everything in his home to determine what caused the positive result. AJ may either go through NASCAR’s The Road to Recovery or sue.

After all of this, I find it hard to have an opinion. I hope AJ gets the treatment he needs. Whoever fills the seat after Pocono is unknown at this time.


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