#QforK: The Kurt Busch Move, Allmendinger, and More Danica

On Monday, it was revealed that Kurt Busch would be driving the #78 for Furniture Row Racing full-time in 2013. Surprisingly, Busch’s first race with FRR is Charlotte’s Chase race this year, meaning that Regan Smith is being removed almost immediately.

As bad as it sounds, I don’t think this deal is right at all.

Busch has had too many chances to prove himself, and I don’t think he’s deserving of this one.

The way he handles himself in the racecar is just unacceptable in my eyes. Yes, that’s a tension-filled environment, but you don’t hear all the other drivers exploding like he does. What makes him more fragile than others?

You can say his divorce shook him up. You can argue that he has changed. But, in my honest opinion, people rarely change. Kurt’s no exception.

Oh, trust me, I see why he’s been given opportunities. He’s a former champion, and no one wants to see champions fall. Kurt Busch has been descending for a long time.

I hope Regan Smith gets a good ride. After moving all the way out to Colorado for that team, this is a harsh decision that’s not in his favor at all.

Yes, I understand that NASCAR is a big business, and a decision being ‘not fair’ isn’t a solid reason why Kurt shouldn’t be in that car, but I’m just thinking through this differently than everyone else.

Anyway, I will stop there and go on. Here are some questions you sent me think week!

Do you see AJ Allmendinger mentally ready to come back in a racecar this early? -@stephen_kelsey

Not in NASCAR, at least.

There won’t be a team in NASCAR willing to risk their professional image to fund Allmendinger. Even if he finished the Road to Recovery program, it takes time to build those connections and partnerships back up.

Honestly, who’s going to sponsor a driver who failed a drug test? Nobody in NASCAR.

With that, he should look into IndyCar. That’s his best bet right now. He might have to start from the bottom up, too, but it’ll reveal if he really wants it or not.

[What are] Princess Sparkle Pony’s chances next year? -@NASCAR_Wonka

In my eyes, ‘Danica Patrick’ and ‘Cup series next year’ shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath. She needs more time in the Nationwide series before she even thinks about moving up, get a feel for her competitors and learn how to toughen up. Running around in 26th every weekend certainly qualifies her for a ride, doesn’t it?

But, Tony Stewart’s bringing her in, and the rumor is that she’ll have Ryan Newman’s crew.

None of this makes sense to me. However, that doesn’t matter: I don’t make the rules.

So, to answer your question, she won’t be competitive. She’ll probably ride around in the back, gaining some experience and snag good luck here and there. Whatever happens, I know she’s not ready.

Should drivers be allowed to drive in more than one series? -@The_EVP

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: Cup drivers shouldn’t be allowed in the lower series. I get that it draws crowds and attention to the Nationwide and Trucks series and that the young drivers like the challenge, but it’s wrong.

How do young guns show their stuff when the Cup guys are stealing the spotlight? Those younger drivers need the exposure and money more than the elders do.

I understand that it will never happen: there’s no possible way NASCAR can stop the older guys from dipping into the younger drivers’ swimming pool.

How many races do you have to win to win The Chase? -@NascarandWoo

To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure. What I am sure is that, to win The Chase, you must balance racing for wins and racing for points.

When it gets down to the end like this, guys tend to drive over their heads and push it too much. This isn’t the way to go. You can’t gamble this late in the game and expect for it to work out smoothly.

If the car isn’t a winning car, don’t panic. Breathe. Think. Adjust. Then drive smart and get as many points as you can.

If we are going by wins, I’d say three wins or more while in The Chase seems like the magic number.


8 thoughts on “#QforK: The Kurt Busch Move, Allmendinger, and More Danica”

  1. In my opinion Kevin Harvick has the worse attitude in NASCAR. constantly cussing his crew and degrading them on the radio.Told Richard Childress he was tired of his excuses on the radio.Fight with Greg Biffle ,Ricky Rudd ,Kyle Busch and no one ever calls him out on it but let one of the Busch Brothers say one thing out of the way and it goes viral.

    1. Donald you’re right…and Kevins not the only one! A number of the drivers in all three series “let it fly” behind the wheel and in front of a microphone..it’s an emotional, frustrating, dangerous sport..I don’t expect any driver to act like they’re at a churc social!

  2. Smith is a good guy and a good driver…Busch has his anger problems, but he’s a decent person and a great driver. Teams changing drivers is not unheard of…to me this change is a business decision… end of story. Unless you’re a four year old little girl with a love for little plastic ponies, her name is Danica Patrick. In the past four years Earnhardt Junior has one more win then she does..so cut the woman some slack. Allmendinger…hmmm. So let me see if I understand. You seriously believe a “known speed junkie” as AJ was labeled by NASCAR was miraculously cured by the fantastic “Road to Recovery” program NASCAR sanctions in a mere two months and is ready to climb back behind the wheel of a 3400 pound stockcar. 200 mph, with 43 other drivers! How grateful AJ… NASCAR’s posterboy must be to NASCAR! Does anything seem alittle off to you here? I bet there are dozens of agents in Hollywood who would pay big money to NASCAR if they could run their star clients through this magical “Road to Recovery” program. If you believe the AJ, druggie, magical cure story..I guess you do play with pretty, sparkly, fun little ponies..in a padded room!

  3. The Busch brothers are nice guys off the track. Tony Stewart wouldn’t have a job now if he was doing the same things he was in 2000 but while he did it he also gave a lot of money to charity. Like the Busch’s he never made an issue of it publicly. Danica is a racer and she has paid her dues growing up but she is not ready for cup. (See: Casey Atwood, AJ, Hornish, Soreson.) As far as AJ, he needs to go do some Grand Am races or ALMS for a while. His owner from the 24 hours at Daytona said he would take him if he was cleared and that may set him up for a Penske Indy car to replace Briscoe (as the Captain has said) but his NASCAR days are done in my eyes. Like the economy’s effect on unemployed folks, the talent pool of drivers is too deep and he is damaged goods so best to move on and hope for a good one in another series.

  4. I think the Nationwide Series is becoming full of its own talent. I think the cup guys should be allowed, but no cup TEAM can enter a car unless its full-time in the series. Joey Logano would not have won 7 races if he was driving for Turner or Jr Motorsports. And FRR would be crazy to not put Busch in their car. I hope Smith can get in a competetive NW series car. Maybe drive that 7 for my boy Jr!!!!!

  5. Kurt Busch is the best driver PERIOD! If a owner is serious about winning a championship,why wouldn’t you hire him.So many drivers out there that can’t win a championship with good rides(Burton,Menard,Truex,yes Earnhardt Jr to name a few).If Kurt ever got with Hendrick watch out, he would dominate.

  6. @TOM Why is Kes in the running for a championship in the same equipment that melted KB down last year? Dont be so sure about all that! I think hes a talented driver, but he got his championship before the JJ show started. I honestly think JJ could outrun him whatever he’s in (If he’s got Knaus). He’s good, but your a bit dillusional!

  7. Key word being if he’s got Knauss. Paul Wolfe right now is the best crew chief.I like Brad (alot like Kurt). I knew when Steve Addington went to SHR that would be it for Tony Stewart.Thats the difference between the 2 and 22 cars.Oh by the way where is the 22 this year!

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