SPEED’s Newest Face, Kaitlyn Vincie

If you’re a regular viewer of Race Hub on SPEED, you’ve most likely noticed an addition to the crew.

What you probably haven’t noticed is that the new host is now fulfilling a dream she’s had for a while.

Kaitlyn Vincie, who also appears on Trackside, realized she wanted to work in NASCAR when she was a teenager. Throughout college, she worked towards that dream by hosting and promoting Langley Speedway, a NASCAR-sanctioned track that’s mostly known for their Late Model events, for two years.

However, the real work began when she created Hot For NASCAR.

“I filmed it from my house. I bought a green screen, taught myself all the editing,” Kaitlyn told me over the phone, “SceneDaily.Com [the website that use to write for NASCAR Illustrated] saw them, and then they started putting them on their site.” The YouTube videos obviously brought her attention. Some of the videos were eventually sent to SPEED, yet nothing happened.

Kaitlyn wasn’t discouraged, though. “I was waiting for the right shot. I was just looking for a way in.”

That way in appeared in February of this year, when a spot on SPEED’s Road Tour Team, open up, the doorway she had been looking for since she was younger. It wasn’t much longer until she ended up on Race Hub, then Trackside.

When asked if everything happened quickly, Kaitlyn responded, “Yeah, I guess you could say that . . . But I prepared for this as a teen, and sports reporting in college helped.”

There is a contrast between the professional setting of being in the Race Hub studio and Trackside, a more laid-back, amusing show. The Virginia native enjoys the difference. “I like both, I really do, but being at the tracks, the race shops, in the field, you get to see everything, which I like.”

As many know, one highlight of Trackside is the humor that Kyle Petty and Rutledge Wood bring into everything they do. Thankfully, she hasn’t been the subject of any pranks.

“They pick on me. I knew everyone from Race Hub and the studio, so it helped with the transition . . . [but] I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous.” She also went on to explain that, “What many people don’t know is that there are a lot of people behind the scenes . . . And everyone knew me, so it was extra help. They would make little suggestions, and it helped with everything.”

Here she is with her new job, and the season is quickly winding down. The first thing on her mind? Not surprisingly, still NASCAR.

“Well, the first thing is Champions Week in Las Vegas,” she stated with a laugh, “But, I don’t know what I’ll do [during the off season] . . . Maybe take a trip? I love traveling . . . Probably go home and see my family.”

Home is a slight reality check for Kaitlyn, making her past of dreaming and hoping collide with what she has done recently. “In some ways, it’s surreal. It’s a great feeling to achieve a goal . . . It’s great for them to see me and what I’m doing.”

From being young and grasping onto a passion, to living a dream filled with NASCAR and broadcasting, Kaitlyn has the makings of being a true inspiration to teenagers who aim to do what she is doing today. When this idea is mentioned, however, she is humbled and offers her own advice. “It’s an honor, it truly is . . . I hope [the teens who are striving to get into the business] don’t get discouraged. Many people will tell you, ‘No,’ but you have to keep at it.”

That’s what Kaitlyn did, and it seems to have worked out for the best.


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