Fines For Gordon, Pattie, and (what?) Keselowski

Penalties have been handed down after yesterday’s Phoenix insane race.

Unsurprisingly, Jeff Gordon, who was involved in that huge fight with Clint Bowyer, has been fined $100,000 and docked 25 points. He, along with crew chief Alan Gustafson, is on probation until December 31st.

In the red also is Clint Bowyer’s crew chief, Brian Pattie, who has to pay $25,000 and is on probation until the end of the year like Gordon and Gustafson.

Here’s the kicker: Brad Keselowski has been fined $25,000 for have an electronic device in his car during the race. That’s fancy-shmancy talk for having his cell phone out. This is the one that upsets me. Remember the Daytona 500, when Brad tweeted that picture of the jet dryer from the car? NASCAR, what’s the deal?

Other than that, the penalties seem fit, and I’m slightly shocked NASCAR handed these down quickly.

I guess when NASCAR’s actually the news for a questionable incident, something must be done ASAP.


2 thoughts on “Fines For Gordon, Pattie, and (what?) Keselowski”

  1. For Keselowski, NASCAR and Sprint are probably aware that there may be some software engineers that use devices in the phone to allow apps to be developed for contraband, some type of illegal pit-to-car communication device that allows a crew chief to detect the car’s location, speed, et al, For that, I can see why Keselowski was fined when the crew chief may use the phone as illegal car-to-pit telemetry.

  2. Special K was fined for going off in the media availability after the race. NASCAR could not have been happy about the segment that ran on Victory Lane when Brad basically called out a bunch of drivers in a profanity laced rant about his driving at Texas. I think NASCAR found something to bust him for, and the cellphone in the car was the easy excuse.

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