Three Ways to Overcome NASCAR Withdrawal

Are you sluggish? Have you been experiencing severe mood swings and memory loss? Do you find yourself walking into doorways, or sitting on the couch, imitating revving engines? Is it hard to look at your racing memorabilia without bursting into tears?

If you suffer from these symptoms, you’ve been victim to NASCAR Withdrawal.

NASCAR Withdrawal is a sickness fans goes through once the season is over. Although it may feel like it, N.W. is NOT fatal and is resolved when the 2013 season starts up again.

However, that day isn’t coming anytime soon (sorry to break it to you), but I can prescribe some methods to cope with the symptoms:

1. The DVR is your best friend

This is probably the most obvious solution to your warning signs, so what are you waiting for? Fire up that DVR and replay that thrilling Phoenix race or even that one race that put you to sleep. Any NASCAR is better than no NASCAR at all.

If you’re not as hip and don’t have a DVR, SPEED will be replaying a few races. You can search for them on the website underneath the TV Schedule tab. Also, there’s always YouTube. I’m not sure if your boss would understand if you missed work for a repeat, though.

2. Commentating Your Blues Away

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I like to commentate on almost anything. Well, why should road trips be any exception?

During the #RoadTrip500 or #8HoursOfCharlotte (yeah, I’m so creative), I would tweet a play-by-play of the happenings. Doing this in the car is fun, too, so tap into your inner Mike Joy and report. Alone or with the family, it’ll be fun to imagine passing those two slow Soccer Mom Vans and making it three wide.

(WARNING: Do NOT pass those two slow Soccer Mom Vans and make it three wide.)

3. The Diecast 500

You know all those 1:24 diecasts you have on display? The ones next to your Danica Patrick shrine and that KFC bucket with Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s face on it? Well, it’s time you put them to good use.

Those with young children will enjoy this idea: take a few of your tiny replicas and put on your own extravaganza. It acts as a distraction and a cool way to teach your kids about your favorite sport. Show them how tandem drafting works, or reenact The Big One. Then, after they go to sleep, hog the cars and have a bit of fun.

Now, I recommend one of these activities at least twice a week. Maybe three. Just don’t go overboard; you don’t want to wear out your DVR halfway through December or abuse your laptop’s battery.

Hope this helps all your symptoms!


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