#QforK: Happiness and the 2013 Season

I feel that, in whatever you do, you must be happy.

Many others preach this philosophy. Yet, how many actually walk the walk after they’ve talked the talk? Very few, I’ve figured.

I’m content in saying I am in that minority. Writing makes me happy, and so I shall write. NASCAR is my passion, so that’s my subject matter.

When things get difficult or strained, I try to look at the good. What I end up looking at is our champion Brad Keselowski.

Yes, that cocky, opinionated, heavily-intoxicated driver of the #2 Miller Lite Ford. He is actually the perfect role model, against popular belief. Case in point, that press conference at Loudon after his then-teammate AJ Allmendinger was busted for that fateful drug test.

Out of the huge rant he produced, a single quote stuck out.

“You should just man up and drive the damn race car.”

I look at that statement by itself, and a light goes off. Shut up and drive.

Why? It makes you happy.

The surrounding world may be black and white, but that shouldn’t stop you from being the splash of color it needs.

Brad Keselowski helped me realize that being yourself is the best thing. He doesn’t believe in playing the media game. The façade you see is pure and genuine. It makes him, and everyone else, glad when he can speak his mind.

So, with this epiphany in mind, 2013 will be my year of bravery, no regrets, and more sarcasm than ever. Because feeling good about myself and making people laugh makes me smile.

Without further ado, here’s the first edition of #QforK of the new year!

With drivers such as Kilgerman, Pastrana, Smith, and Vickers moving to Nationwide, who will be the most successful? -@Kese_Penske_2

As Parker Kligerman goes to run for Kyle Busch Motorsports, and Travis Pastrana straps in the #60 full-time for Roush, it’s looking like the Nationwide series is going to be even more stacked with talent. Regan Smith already showed some muscle with his win at Homestead, and Brian Vickers is a proven talent in the Cup series.

In my mind, Vickers will be unstoppable, especially with the alliance he has over at Michael Waltrip Racing. He’s a victim of slim pickings on the Cup side of things, but that won’t stop him from making the best out of this next opportunity at Joe Gibbs Racing.

With the change of manufactures, do you think this will help or hinder Brad Keselowski’s 2013 championship challenge? -@LiamRedford

It would take a bellowing freight train slamming into Brad Keselowski to make him even flinch. Switching manufacturers will be a piece of cake. There will be growing pains, as there is with any sort of change in this sport, but Brad’s mind is a steel trap. Anything he grasps will not be lost.

He will be fine. No worries here.

One to watch for in 2013? -@CeCefiedAldean7

There are many drivers that will either flounder or flourish this upcoming season, but I will focus on three names many eyes should be locked on for various reasons.

Danica Patrick. Of course everyone will be focused on her. The announcers, the NASCAR media, fans, ect. To be perfectly honest, watching Danica will be quite entertaining. You’ll see why.

Clint Bowyer. He won’t suffer from the Runner-Up Curse, since he became runner-up in The Chase due to Jimmie Johnson’s issues. That MWR team is booming. Great things are coming for them, especially after a fantastic first season together.

Aric Almirola. Last season was a great starting point for him. His appearances in the top ten will soon turn into top fives, then . . . Well, you know how that goes. His progression will show this year. Don’t be surprised to see him win.

Do you think we will see 50 Cup cars entered at a race this year? -@Cody_Masse

I highly doubt we will. With sponsors falling away and the equipment getting more expensive, I don’t see that many cars attempting to get into a race, which is very depressing.

The off-season is halfway done, guys! Hang in there!


One thought on “#QforK: Happiness and the 2013 Season”

  1. You just never cease to amaze me little girl!
    I read your articles and just shake my head. Your talent and wisdom is not lost on others..those who will provide the stepping stones you will need over the next few years.

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