#QforK: Stock Car Therapy

Bang, bang, bang.

Hear that? It’s the sound of me hitting my head against a brick wall.

Though this is NASCAR’s off-season, I haven’t slowed down. School work has picked up, time’s flying by, and life is barreling at me going about 200 mph. The only thing that has became a crawl is my Twitter feed. The statuses that do come through are irritable rants, for which I apologize.

I’m stressed. Plain and simple. The future is arriving six months early, and I’ve been stuffing dirty laundry into dark corners and speed-dusting my furniture. This includes ACT practice (I take the actual test this upcoming Friday) and looking at colleges.

NASCAR is needed. I never realized until recently how much it held me together. It gave me something to scream at. Stock Car Therapy, if you will. Doesn’t that sound like an unique venting session with high-speed results:

“You’re quite stressed. I suggest you take two weeks off work, take a nice bubble bath twice a week, and go fill your lungs with dirt at Eldora this summer.”

“You can’t get your coworkers loose and put them into the water-cooler, Jim. Go sit in the company hauler.”

“All these speeding tickets are going to make your ‘crew chief’ mad. You’ll be sleeping on the couch for about a week.”

Anyway, I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Hopefully answering your questions will make those feelings go away for a bit.

Do you thing EGR will show a huge performance improvement now that they have HMS engines this season? -@LiamRedford

When the news of Earnhardt Ganassi Racing switching to Hendrick motors came out, I was pleasantly shocked. Some brand-named equipment will be under their hoods . . . But not THAT high quality.

What everyone needs to understand is that there is a food chain. At the pointed top is the four Hendrick cars. They get the prime selection. Next is Stewart-Haas Racing, who receives sloppy seconds. At the bottom is now Earnhardt Ganassi Racing. The quality dwindles as it goes down the food chain.

I’m afraid of overproduction occurring. If all these teams want Hendrick engines, the quality of said engines will disappear. More mechanical failures. Just what all three teams need, right?

All in all, it will help EGR for a little while, but, in the long run, the success will overheat and blow -just like the Hendrick engines will end up doing.

Is there a surprise candidate for The Chase this year? Who do you think that driver is? -@da_folz15

I’ve been working on my 2013 Chase lineup for a few weeks now, and one person I’m certain will make a shocking appearance is Aric Almirola. I just have this feeling about him. Last year, he made so much progress, and I think it will all come to a head this year. His top ten runs will become more common, and he’ll learn to handle that special pressure much more effectively.

Another person that may make a long-overdue presence will be Jeff Burton. He knows he’s on the hot seat, and, by the way he’s been talking, 2013 is Operation: Getcha Some Wins. The Mayor will make a run for The Chase, but I’m still uncertain if he’ll make it.

How much do you think the Gen 6 cars will change racing? -@Lovinbayne21

Two words: better racing.

Simple as that, folks. Get ready.

Children in racing: in the past, they’ve seemed to decline the father’s performance somewhat. Will it happen to Denny [Hamlin]? -MissChris52_11

Before we go any further, I want to take a moment to lament that fact that Ms. Taylor James Hamlin is the cutest thing I‘ve ever seen in my entire life:

Via Denny Hamlin's Twitter
Via Denny Hamlin’s Twitter

This is where we interject the collective AWHHHHHHH.

However, with a new bundle of joy comes a heavy burden if you’re a racecar driver.

We’ve seen it happen to most fathers in racing, excluding the Superman that is Jimmie Johnson, but I don’t see Denny faltering. Why? Because he’s been through so much already, that this should be a piece of cake. He’s come so close to the championship and lost it a handful of times.

This year, he’ll make a great run at becoming the 2013 champion, but he won’t win it all.

Hey, I never said he would fly to the top, did I?

For my full prediction of the 2013 Chase field, you’ll have to wait until later this week. Don’t die from anticipation!


One thought on “#QforK: Stock Car Therapy”

  1. I agree Kristen that Aric will be a chase contender this year, he had moments of near brilliance last year, times when it was Whoa…Aric did you just do that? To me he seems like a very methodical, one step at a time type driver, no flash, no getting to the front ASAP. I await your predictions with baited breath LOL

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