Raising Kahne at Bristol

“It’s Bristol, baby.”

That phrase can be the response to so many events. A flat tire, a little bumping and banging, off-track fighting. Luckily, those are also the ingredients to an amazing race, and they all mixed together this Sunday.

If you watched the race at Las Vegas, you saw how close Kasey Kahne was to the win. Matt Kenseth got the win, and Kahne got second. Although it was a nice turn around from the first two weeks, it was depressing to see the fastest car lose the race due to someone else’s mistake in the pits (*cough*Stewart*wheeze*).

So, when I saw that Kahne qualified second for this Bristol race, I knew he was poised to strike. He had momentum and hunger, two things that swish together and create a lighter fluid that makes a driver’s fire burn hotter and brighter. He was ready to win.

It all fell into place after that. It definitely wasn’t easy, but crew chief Kenny Francis slapped two right side tires on the final pit stop, and the car soared. He was there all day, and he deserved and earned the win.

After his rough start, Kahne is now seventh in the points and many people’s pick to win the championship.

Of course, Kyle Busch was fast, landing him the pole. When we came to the first set of pit stops, however, he was fast at the wrong time and place. BOOM, speeding penalty for going too fast in three of the sections.

At that point, you want to say, “It’s over.” But this is Kyle Busch. He won Saturday in the NNS race, and he wasn’t going to slow up. He had that broom ready; no way a few cars were going to be in his way. Also, there was plenty of time left.

Busch battled and banged and pushed his way to the front, and he was there in the end. A late-race tussle with Brad Keselowski over second was his downfall, and he ended up with the bridesmaid position. Afterward, he was upset he wasn’t fast enough to get the win.

Oh, Kyle. Just be happy you didn’t blow up.

Other notable events? Denny Hamlin vs. Joey Logano. These two were taking digs at each other on Twitter after Daytona, and it peaked today when Hamlin dumped Logano to take second place. The two met on track again, and the No. 22 went around on the cool down lap.

Of course, Joey was pissed. He went to Denny afterward and there were words exchanged and people thrust between the two. The war spilled over to Twitter (check @joeylogano and @dennyhamlin).

So, this week, keep those ex-teammates on #TwitterWatch. You won’t regret it.

Bristol is a track on my Bucket List, and it should be on yours, too. We saw FANTASTIC racing, and that’s what NASCAR needs right now.

If your driver had a bad day, or accidentally got caught up in Jeff Gordon losing a tire (poor Kenseth), or sped on pit road for the second week in a row, just say it with me.

It’s . . .

Bristol . . .


Points Standings after Bristol

1. Brad Keselowski (–)
2. Dale Earnhardt Jr. (-9)
3. Jimmie Johnson (-15)
4. Clint Bowyer (-38)
5. Greg Biffle (-40)
6. Denny Hamlin (-41)
7. Kasey Kahne (-42)
7. Carl Edwards (-42)
9. Paul Menard (-48)
10. Kyle Busch (-51)
10. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. (-51)
12. Joey Logano (-62)


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