Questions For Kristen: Fighting, Wrecking, and Motivation

As you can guess, this week’s Questions For Kristen is all about fighting: Denny/Joey, Tony/Joey, and Dale Jr./himself. Unfiltered and bountiful, my thoughts and opinions are here. Enjoy!

Who was at fault, Joey or Denny? -@TheOrangeCone

There is no way I can attach blame to this wreck. Why? Because I don’t see it as important.

Yes, it is terrible that Denny is now suffering from a compression fracture of the L1 vertebra, but that fact is no reason to blame Logano. I highly doubt that he was thinking, “Oh, I’m going to wreck Denny and break his back, MWAHAHAHA.”

Here is what IS important about those closing laps: we saw great racing. Before Kyle Busch slid by and both crashes happened, door-to-door, tempers (and motors) overheating. Isn’t that what we all love, passion, hunger?

So, who am I to blame them for doing something wrong, when, in all reality, it was a refreshing rivalry?

Should Joey not have blocked Smoke? -@Aunt_of_5

If you read my recap from yesterday, I am not happy with the Tony/Joey confrontation, although it was fun to watch (many Gordon/Burton at Texas vibes). The reason I’m not happy is the basis of Stewart’s argument; as if he’s never blocked before, right?

Every driver blocks. It’s a solid defensive tactic. Joey wanted to win, which is why he dropped that block on Tony. If Tony was really upset, he would’ve spun Logano right then and there, but he didn’t.

Joey wasn’t in the wrong. End of story.

NASCAR has seen a lot of publicity this year, albeit a lot of it bad. Do you think it could still potentially boost ratings? -@TysonLaut49

Definitely. Publicity is publicity, no matter if casts bright light or a shadow on the sport.

Wrecks, fights, wars of words. It all brings outside attention. New fans who saw the final laps of Fontana will tune into Martinsville. No doubt.

It’s good no matter what, and that’s a fact, jack.

Do you think Dale Jr. can keep the strong start going? -@da_folz15

In all the crazy occurrences, it was almost unreported that the new points leader is the one and only Dale Earnhardt Jr. He’s racked up five top-tens, a very impressive start, and he seems to have more of a hop in his step.

This could be a very great year for Junior . . . Or not.

I am a firm believer in personal motivation. If you set your mind to something, then it can be achieved. That’s what I think in this instance; it’s up to Dale Jr. to put himself in high gear and keep himself atop the standings.

In my eyes, he seems focused.

He seems like a champion.


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