Dominance, Snakes, and Candor Encapsulate Texas

Kyle Busch performs his burnout after officiously showing his talents on Saturday night.
Kyle Busch performs his burnout after officiously showing his talents on Saturday night.

In his 300th NSCS start, Kyle Busch won at Texas Motor Speedway Saturday night after winning Friday night in the NNS race. It’s obvious that Busch’s new nickname should be The Dominator.

Whether you love him, dislike him, or really dislike him, the youngest Busch brother is the epitome of attainment. He runs his car to the ragged edge, slithering and winding, until his prey is coiled within his grip and striking distance. If he is given a terrible racecar, he works his magic until it’s in Victory Lane.

Luckily, Busch’s car wasn’t horrendous. In fact, it was stout, solid enough to beat his older brother for the pole. This was a key moment for the weekend; it’s what helped him win the race.

It all came down to the last pit stop; Busch was trailing Martin Truex Jr., his only competition, when the caution flew for debris. When the leaders paraded down, everyone was on the edge of their seats. It was a vital moment, and it’s one Busch flourished in. Having the pole allowed him to chose the first pit stall, and, during that last stop, he sped off and secured the lead for the restart.

After that, it was over. Truex couldn’t catch him, a tightening car to blame, and the youngest Busch brother claimed his 26th Cup win and his first at Texas.

There is a sense of monotony when races end like this, where the driver the fans generally dislike wins the race and seemingly runs away with it. However, it’s a paradox that’s practically impossible to weave out, its folds holding you back. At certain times, it seems like the other drivers aren’t trying, that they are letting him run away with the race.

We all have to realize that Kyle Busch is a remarkable talent, despite an attitude that has gotten him in trouble and loathed across the board. The dominance he can lay down is something few others have done.

He’s in the same boat as Jimmie Johnson at the moment; after Martinsville, many were tired of seeing the same person win over and over.

These championship caliber men shouldn’t be ridiculed or hated. It’s just racing, the order of things. When the order is meant to change, it will fall into the lap of another worthy driver.

Yet, until then, we can just sit back and watch Kyle Busch withdraw his fangs from his prey and grab another broom. Because he makes supremacy look easy.

All the issues during the race involved the pit road: penalties, awkward pit stop positions, speeding, and even more fire. Not to offend the race as a whole, but the most eccentric part of the weekend was when a pair of cars weren’t even on the grid, two blank spots in their wake.

Pre-race inspection usually produces noteworthy stories, and it didn’t disappoint; the Penske Ford machines of the no. 2 and no. 22 failed inspection about an hour before the race began. Many eyebrows were raised, considering they were two cars from the same team, but we hadn’t seen anything yet.

Pictures of Competition Director John Darby looking underneath the rear of Brad Keselowski’s car surfaced, and both crew chiefs were called to the NASCAR hauler. It turns out that the rear-end housing on both cars were “skewed improperly,” and penalties should be expected this coming Tuesday.

Lengthy trips to the garage, hauler, and grid aside, both Penske cars ended up in the top ten. Last year’s champion, however, wasn’t pleased with the treatment from NASCAR and some of his competitors.

Livid is not even the word to express how Keselowski talked to the media, and bleeping was definitely involved. One statement stood out: “There’s things going on behind the scenes that you don’t even know about.”

Keselowski might be playing Devil’s Advocate, or he could be correct. The truth will come out over time, but it’s surely causing some hesitancy within the garage and fan base yet again.

Point Standings after Texas

1. Jimmie Johnson (–)
2. Brad Keselowski (-6)
3. Kyle Busch (-18)
4. Greg Biffle (-30)
5. Carl Edwards (-35)
5. Dale Earnhardt Jr. (-35)
7. Kasey Kahne (-37)
8. Clint Bowyer (-61)
9. Joey Logano (-62)
10. Paul Menard (-63)
11. Matt Kenseth (-65)
12. Kevin Harvick (-77)


5 thoughts on “Dominance, Snakes, and Candor Encapsulate Texas”

  1. Well…wasn’t that an interesting “black helicopter” tirade pouring out of the current Cup Champion (the one many say is reviving NASCAR…a fans champion!). Brad does seem to have foot in mouth disease…but his latest rant seems alittle too close to a Twilight Zone episode! I’m not sure what the guy was talking about…he seemed be think he’d been in the garage area at Texas for the last 7 days and the Officials, teams, and entire free world was picking on him! Maybe he’s still drinking alittle bit too much of that Miller…

  2. Another BS NASCAR move. A car is deemed legal up until right before the race starts. How did the cars get through all of the other inspections OK?

    1. Not sure what deal was with inspection..they inspect cars so often they may check different things at each inspection…or maybe they noticed the infraction and told the teams to fix them..and they didn’t. Or…maybe they flubbed up and didn’t notice infractions until the intense inspection before the race. I know before qualifying they were behind on inspections…Stewart’s car was very late…and there were more behind his being inspected. I’m not always a fan of the suits in NASCAR…but quite honestly Brad made things worse with his rambling accusations that made no sense. Sometimes it’s just better to keep your mouth shut.

  3. I fear that Brad’s thoughts..spoken out loud unfortunately may have the whole organization in hot water with the suits at NASCAR. Right or wrong they should have been kept within the organization/ private meeting with the suits to voice concerns. Brad is so talented but like the Busch bros. he is walking a fine line, just hope he doesn’t fall off the far side.

  4. Interesting, we will see how this shakes out. Brad isn’t entirely wrong here. This issue always arises due to the lack of consistency with Nascar.

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