Kenseth, Team Penalized by NASCAR’s New Tough Persona

In post-race inspection, Matt Kenseth’s no. 20, covered in champagne and confetti, was tore down and, apparently, in the wrong.

News spread today that Kenseth’s connection rod in the engine was too light by, reportedly, almost three grams. In turn, the driver was docked 50 points, knocking him down to 14th in the standings, tying him with Jeff Gordon. Also, his Kansas pole/win won’t guarantee his spot in the Sprint Unlimited or The Chase.

So, basically, all he got from that win was a pretty trophy.

On the crew side of things, it isn’t looking good, either. Crew chief Jason Ratcliff was fined $200,000 and suspended for seven races, including the All-Star Race. His probation is scheduled to last until December 31st.

Car Owner Joe Gibbs has also lost 50 points in the owners’ championship pool. The team plans to appeal, but not much will come from that, I assume.

This is yet another penalty in the string of consequences this season, which begs this questions: Is NASCAR attempting to overcompensate? My theory is that they are going leaps and bounds to put restrictions on things.

I don’t believe this will end well. We definitely have another appeal to watch out for, though NASCAR seems cemented in their decision to try and scare teams into line.

Good luck with that working.


2 thoughts on “Kenseth, Team Penalized by NASCAR’s New Tough Persona”

  1. “So, basically, all he got from that win was a pretty trophy.”
    This made me laugh so hard.
    The magnitude of all these penalties of recent is incredible. I’m curious to see how the appeals go, but I agree with you, this probably won’t end well.

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