Penske Loses Appeal, Time for Next Step

After a lengthy meeting in Charlotte, NASCAR appeal members Brandon Igdalsky, Paul Brooks, and Dale Pinilis unanimously agreed to keep the penalties against the Penske teams of Joey Logano and Brad Keselowski.

It was right before 3 o’clock Eastern Time when this decision was announced, which began at 9 in the morning, and Roger Penske has decided to appeal again to the next level -John Middlebrook, chief appellate officer. This second and final appeal will take place next Tuesday, May 7th. Because the appeal is still underway, crew chiefs Paul Wolfe and Todd Gordon will be at the track this weekend.

Is going to the next level of appealing a good choice? Not necessarily. Although the crew chiefs are still at the track, that’s pressure both teams don’t need. Also, it isn’t looking good that the penalties will be reduced in the slightest.

So why is Penske pushing this forward a big deal? Because it’s pointing out the flaws in NASCAR’s schematic. It’s pushing for more breathing room, more innovative justice. That’s why it’s a pertinent issue.

Another question is what does this mean for the JGR appeal that is coming up on May 8th, and that answer is seeming bleak at this point in time.

Though the official decision took a while to decide, many had feelings that this would be the outcome.

So, what will come out of Middlebrook’s mouth? Upheld or overturned? Only time will tell.


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