Eldest Dillon wins inaugural Truck race at Eldora Speedway

It was a bold move. One that took serious guts. Some even said it was crazy.

Bringing the NCWTS to dirt instantly sparked everyone’s interest when scheduling was announced. Eldora Speedway, a coveted stop in the World Of Outlaws realm, supporting a Trucks race? Many were stoked, others had no idea where the track was, but everyone was prepared for something entirely different.

However, nothing could prepare them for the greatest race of the season.

As the sun set over the dirt track, the intensity level in the arena shot up. The stands were packed with devoted fans, the crews stood on pit road while deep in thought, and the drivers strapped in, belts a bit tighter than usual.

The surface was like ice, and, as the green flew, the Trucks set it on fire.

If you’ve never been to a local dirt track, I highly recommend you go soon; it always produces great racing, which was replicated Wednesday night. Because speeds were significantly slower than usual, the result was closer, more excitable racing. When you have closer racing, you see bumping and banging. That’s what it’s all about.

It was no surprise that there were ringers in the field, such as Ken Schrader, Dave Blaney, and Scott Bloomquist. Others looked strong; Timothy Peters, Matt Crafton, and Ryan Newman all looked racy. But it came down to two drivers in the end, and they both knew how to get around this track.

Kyle Larson, the wheelman, the dirt racing addict. Everyone knew he would be a major threat. Track owner Tony Stewart stated that Larson was the driver who figured out the best way to get around the surface in a truck.

He finished second to Austin Dillon, the NNS regular who decided to try this spectacle of an event. There was no doubt that he just got how to race this race. When it came down to the Green-White-Checkered, he got a huge jump, and it was over after that.

Although there was only one incident on-track, the racing didn’t disappoint. Cautions DO NOT equal thrills. Never have, never will.

Another important thing to remember is that slower speeds result in better racing. That’s why short tracks are highlighted events. Something to think about, right?

Finally, please send a HUGE thank you to Tony Stewart, Mike Helton, Steve O’Donnell, and everyone else who made this possible. You helped make history and every fans’ year.

Here’s to showcasing the glory of dirt.


One thought on “Eldest Dillon wins inaugural Truck race at Eldora Speedway”

  1. I was VERY pleasantly surprised about great the race was! I was thinking lots of wrecks and spins. Boy,was I wrong! Kudos to all involved!!!!

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