Swallowing Pride: Kurt Busch moves to Stewart-Haas Racing in 2014

It’s difficult to admit you’ve messed up. The truth slithers up your throat, yet it’s yanked back down by hardheaded pride. Looking back at all the mistakes made, you feel ashamed and disappointed in yourself.

You finally come to terms with the truth: you were wrong. Then the rebuilding begins.

Kurt Busch has laid the final brick in his foundation, one that has led him to the home of Stewart-Haas Racing. The formal announcement from SHR (which is meant for “discussing the expansion of their team”) is slated for tomorrow, but Busch himself confirmed the news. He has signed with the organization for 2014.

This comes a week after the team officially offered a position to Busch. Saturday, Busch’s current home, Furniture Row Racing, gave him the possibility of a contract extension.

When you’re given the chance to return to a top-tier team, you have to take it. So he did.

The driver is reported as saying he is “truly thankful” for what FRR has done for him, and the feeling is mutual. Earlier this season, a team representative talked about Busch’s options when Silly Season began to creep in.

“[Kurt Busch] is capable of winning races, but our equipment isn’t,” was a shocking statement made by the team. It seems like many knew on some level that was true -even their driver.

The Busch/FRR deal was a boost for both parties, and it aided the eldest Busch brother in his redemption.

This fills the Stewart-Haas lineup, the team now fielding four cars. Team owner Tony Stewart, Danica Patrick, and Kevin Harvick, another new addition, will become Busch’s teammates. The team’s mothership, Hendrick Motorsports, supplies their equipment.

There will be no worry of not being able to win for Busch. Next season’s move is the result of hard work, self-assessment, and swallowing of pride. That’s complicated to do, but he’s done it.

Congratulations, Kurt Busch.


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