Johnson flaunts supremacy as Chase nears end

It was an uneventful race at Texas Motor Speedway, one that ended with a familiar face in Victory Lane.

Okay, scratch that. It’s wasn’t that bad . . .right?

Jimmie Johnson put on a clinic Sunday night in The Lonestar State, winning and capturing the points lead, which was tied after last week’s thrilling bout at Martinsville. Simply put, he was on a rail, and nobody had a car better than his. The only one who could possibly defeat him was Matt Kenseth, and he fumbled with a pit road speeding penalty. Even if he hadn’t faltered, there’s no guaranteed he could’ve taken down Superman.

Kenseth is now second in points, seven in the hold. That’s exactly where Brad Keselowski sat after Texas last year. So you can’t hand the championship title over to Johnson just yet.

One thing is becoming more clear: it’s a two-man race from here on out. Jeff Gordon, who won last weekend and showed signs of survival, ended up D.O.A with a blown tire. That came after Kyle Busch also suffered tire issues, and Kevin Harvick was rarely mentioned. Our champion with be either Johnson or Kenseth.

Another thing was also realized: something needs to be done. What was seen Sunday afternoon was borderline tragic. It had to be one of the driest races of the season.

The problem isn’t Johnson’s domination, it’s the lack of excitement. If there were great battles sprinkled throughout the day, where five cars were grouped together and fought and roughed each other up, then it would’ve been a fantastic show. As long as there’s some form of unknown lurking around, then it’s great.

What was seen at Texas wasn’t great. Something has to be done to make these cars more difficult for the drivers to handle. If the vehicle is hard to manage, the racers will hate it. What they hate is what the fans love.

All that we’re seeing is riding around. That’s not racing. I hope NASCAR does something to fix this next season.

Next weekend is a trip to Phoenix International Raceway, which marks a year after the infamous Jeff Gordon versus Clint Bowyer fight and an impromptu 800-meter dash. Maybe we’ll see something unexpected come out of Arizona.

Point Standings after Texas

1. Jimmie Johnson (–)
2. Matt Kenseth (-7)
3. Kevin Harvick (-40)
4. Kyle Busch (-52)
5. Dale Earnhardt Jr. (-62)
6. Jeff Gordon (-69)
6. Clint Bowyer (-69)
8. Greg Biffle (-73)
9. Joey Logano (-91)
10. Kurt Busch (-96)
11. Carl Edwards (-116)
12. Ryan Newman (-118)
13. Kasey Kahne (-133)


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