In the Right Direction: Two Years

When I began Up Top The Pit Box, my exact thoughts were, “Okay. . . now what?”

I had posted my first article link to Twitter, and I stared at the viewer statistics. To say I was nervous would be considered a massive understatement. What would people say? Would they even look at my page? My finger was poised over the mouse pad, ready to see the results.

Refresh, gasp in awe, repeat. The bar graph slowly but surely grew taller with each reload. I was giddy about twenty, thirty, forty views in one night. It was magical.

Looking back, I had no idea what I was doing, but I was going in the right direction. If you had told me that in the beginning, I wouldn’t have believed you. I would’ve sat in my room, wondering if I had potential to do this for a living, raining on my own parade. That’s when I decided to combine my love for racing with my hobby of writing for good.

A goal was set that day, one that still hits me when I wake up each morning. Though it hasn’t been reached, I now have no doubt in my mind that I’m on my way. I wouldn’t have said that two years ago. Heck, I wouldn’t have said that eight months before now. A new candle of confidence has been lit inside me, and I’m nowhere near blowing it out. Not before I can cross that goal off my list.

It’s strange to think about all the places I’ve been, all the people I’ve interviewed, all the opportunities I’ve received. A seventeen-year-old shouldn’t be doing these things, right?

Wrong. Dead wrong.

I’ve learned an abundance of lessons during this journey, and one nips that idea in the bud: you should never let anyone tell you that you can’t succeed.

With every ounce of support, there will be two ounces of hate. People will tear you down based on your opinions, your looks, and even your gender. Those types of people exist everywhere in life, and it doesn’t matter what you’re doing; if it’s something you love, there will be harsh comments. If you love something enough to make it your passion, you’ve already won.

Winners don’t let non-winners rain on their parade.

I am more than thankful for those who have made writing for and owning Up Top The Pit Box a beautiful experience. The way the support makes me feel is indescribable. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

To everyone who has told me I am an inspiration: I am truly touched, yet I also believe you should raise your standards (I kid, I kid). I never thought someone would think I was a source of motivation. You are the source of MY motivation.

As I think about the next move I could make, the only thing that echoes in my head is, “Okay . . . now what? No matter what lies ahead, I am sure about one thing: it will be magical.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for being NASCAR fans.


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