Silly Speculation: the future of Roush Fenway’s Edwards and Biffle

NASCAR’s Silly Season is infamous for creating drama, and this year is no exception. Two drivers highlight the free agent pool, and they both come from the same organization, Roush Fenway Racing.

Of course, I’m talking about Carl Edwards and Greg Biffle. The veteran members’ contracts are up, and they’re searching for new rides. Pressure has mounted as RFR announced Trevor Bayne’s move to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series side. With him in the No. 6 and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. in the No. 17, people want to know what this means for Edwards and Biffle.

Edwards is definitely out; it’s nearly official that he’ll be racing at Joe Gibbs Racing in 2015. It was either JGR or Team Penske, and Penske is adamant that they will only field two cars next year. It’s only a matter of time before this is announced.

Attention is now turning to The Biff, who’s lips are sealed. That, however, doesn’t silent other speculators. The rumblings create two scenarios: Biffle stays at Roush, or he heads to Michael Waltrip Racing. In this article on NBC Sports’ MotorSportsTalk, FOX’s pre-race before Dover showed some intriguing word usage by Darrell Waltrip about his brother Michael’s team.

Although DW mentioned Edwards to Penske (which is not true), the body language is something to ponder. Co-owner Robert Kauffman’s tweet is something to think about, too. Wherever Biffle wants to go is great, but he needs to pick it up this season. I think many people can agree on that.

As the Silly Season begins, it’s time for jumping to conclusions and reading into statements and press releases. Don’t worry, it’s going to get even more crazy as the summer goes on.


3 thoughts on “Silly Speculation: the future of Roush Fenway’s Edwards and Biffle”

  1. Why would Gibbs disrupt the harmony of his whole operation by adding two faced Edwards, who is not liked by Matt, Kyle, or Denny. One of the main reason’s Matt left was to get away from two faced Edwards. As for Biffle, he is 44 and good for one win a year, at most, so who wants him is the question. Guess MWR can sure use the 3M money now with Napa gone to Hendricks. Edwards to Penske, Brad & Joey would not like that, and the captain is smart enough to realize how disruptive hiring ol two faced would be. Guess both are stuck with Jack. Mark this post & check back later.

  2. Edwards WILL go to Penske and Keselowski and Joey WILL be accommodating to the Subway Sandwich Shop sponsored hot dog. Nobody does commercials for their sponsors better than Cousin Carl. Biffle may stay at Roush, but MWR will take him if 3M will go with him. Roush will retire and turn the operations over to someone else in his family, unless his boy Carl decides to stay a while longer.

  3. Carl will be a cancer wherever he goes. Just as the previous posts noted, he wouldn’t fit at Gibbs nor at Penske. Everyone saw the true Carl with his Martinsville antics with Matt and the numerous times he tried to maim Brad. Heck, maybe he should go to MW and team up with misfit Mikie.

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