Mudsummer Classic builds up excitement, Wallace, and dirt track racing

Races on dirt are the most raw form of the craft, full of unbridled passion and a need for speed. It takes a certain type of racer to excel on the surface, to control the restless beast they’re riding. It takes focus, determination, and fearlessness.

It takes a lack of limitations, and when the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series heads to Eldora Speedway, all caution is thrown to the wind.

The Mudsummer Classic rocked the tiny town of Rossburg, Ohio Wednesday night, producing a firework show on and off the track. The race was broken into three segments: 60 laps, 50 laps, and a final 40-lap stretch. That was the best decision because if gave drivers and fans alike to catch their breaths.

Action like that seen at Eldora is best seen, not read. It was full of so much awesome that the human heart almost couldn’t take it. Thankfully, it pulled through.

Darrell Wallace Jr. won the prestigious event, adding to Kyle Busch Motorsports’ dominance this season. The young driver fought hard the entire race, but it was Kyle Larson who applied the most pressure. Larson came in with one goal: winning. In the final stretch, he performed a slide job and slammed the wall. He repeated this until five laps to go, when his truck finally gave up.

After that, Wallace had it in the bag. His eyes were exhausted, yet his smile was vibrant. It was like he had conquered the world.

He did.

It takes many things to be successful on dirt, and that’s because the sport takes and takes and takes. One has to give himself completely to reap the benefits. That is needed in all forms of racing, yet it is highlighted when the air is filled with dust, when the whole venue is shaking with excitement.

That’s racing.

Point Standings after the 1-800-CarCash Mudsummer Classic

1. Ryan Blaney (–)
2. Matt Crafton (-4)
3. Johnny Sauter (-10)
4. Ron Hornaday, Jr. (-19)
5. German Quiroga, Jr. (-26)
6. Darrell Wallace, Jr. (-28)
7. Ben Kennedy (-37)
8. Timothy Peters (-42)
9. Joey Coulter (-57)
10. John Wes Townley (-65)
11. Jeb Burton (-73)
12. Bryan Silas (-128)


One thought on “Mudsummer Classic builds up excitement, Wallace, and dirt track racing”

  1. The race for the lead was great until the 3rd to last lap when Larson finished off the truck he was trying to destroy all night.
    Too bad the rest of the field was so far behind the leaders as it appeared that racing for 4th on back was pretty tight and could have been exciting if shown on TV more often. Especially the last couple of laps when Larson went into the wall and basically slowed to a crawl.

    NASCAR needs to run the race as advertised though as the segments advertised at 60, 50 and 40 should actually start at 50 not 47 and 40 not at 36. If positions do not change due to pit stops other than lining up behind those that chose not to pit why are the laps counted? Laps under yellow during the segments are fine as that is part of the racing and drivers can still pit for adjusts, repairs, or change a bad tire.

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